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Pat Freiermuth will wear number 88 with the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers 2021 Rookie Mini-Camp will be taking place this weekend. We finally will get to see all of the Rookies in the Black and Gold! The two I am most interested in seeing this weekend in the Black and Gold are Najee Harris and Pat Freiermuth the Steelers' top 2 picks in the 2021 NFL draft. Freiermuth is an intriguing prospect because the Steelers have not taken a top tight end in the NFL draft since Heath Miller. They have also had a hard to replacing Heath on the football field since his retirement too.

There are no questions in regards to the Steeler's love with Pat Freiermuth. Especially when they looked at him at Penn State's Pro Day during their pre-draft visit. You could see the Steeler's tight-end coach Alfredo Roberts hugging him and Freiermuth even said he would love to be drafted with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Alfredo Robers on Pat Freiermuth: “He is exciting to me. I am excited to work with him.” Roberts said. “Had a chance to work with him at his Pro Day. With the energy he exudes, he is a serious but fun guy. He has some position flexibility. He will be kind of a throwback tight end because he can play the position and do multiple things. You can flex him out. His positional flexibility is going to give us a chance to do a lot of different things and a lot of different sets with the guys that are already here.”

Pat Freiermuth said after he was drafted with the Pittsburgh Steelers it meant a lot to him when Alfredo Roberts worked with him during the pre-draft process. They started their relationship right off the bat and started to get a feel of what is expected of him going into Pittsburgh.

Just having the background of what Alfredo likes and how he rolls eased Freiermuth's mind during the process and he feels good about being his coach for the future. The Steelers announced he will be wearing number 88 in Pittsburgh on Thursday instead of 87 like he did at Penn State. Freiermuth will look to fill in Heath Miller's shoes early on and hopefully he will become a stud with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is a really intriguing prospect going forward for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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