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Pat Freiermuth is expecting a Healthy Dose of Two Tight-End Sets in Pittsburgh

One of the biggest positions the Pittsburgh Steelers have not been able to fill since the departure of Heath Miller has been the tight-end position. The Steelers have been through several tight-ends who have not worked out in Pittsburgh. Not until last season did we finally start to see the tight-end position start to shine with Eric Ebron, but the Steelers still didn't look right in regards to blocking at the tight-end position.

That is exactly why the Steelers went into the 2021 draft to shore the blocking by drafting Pat Freiermuth. Don't get me wrong Freiermuth can catch the football, but he loves to be physical and block too. That is what they needed in 2021.

Not only do they have two really good tight-ends on the football field heading into 2021, but now they can utilize both and create a 'double-headed dragon' in Pittsburgh. That is something that Bill Belichick loves to do because it creates confusion in the middle of the field. Freiermuth is expecting a healthy dose of two tight-end sets coming from Matt Canada's offense this season and also called Eric Ebron a 'helluva player.'

Pat Freiermuth on Eric Ebron: "Ebron, he's an awesome guy. He's a hell of a football player. I'm excited to learn for him and kind of see what is tasked for us in '12 personnel,' what we do, what we're asked to do. I'm excited to see that stuff."


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