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Pat Freiermuth: "I kind of felt like if I was there at 55 the Steelers might draft me"

The Pittsburgh Steelers have made their second-round pick in the 2021 NFL draft. It is not one many thought the Steelers would take in the second round because they need help on the offensive line, but I had an idea the Steelers would have taken him if he fell to them. Pat Freiermuth is nothing more than a Pittsburgh Steeler pick just like the Najee Harris pick. It looks like the Steelers really want to get more physical on the offensive side of the ball and these two offensive players are as physical as you can get.

Freiermuth met with TE Coach Alfredo Roberts through the Steelers pre-draft process and Freiermuth said Alfredo was his guy. Not only did he say the Steelers coach was his guy, but he said he wanted to play with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the future. Well, his dream came true and the Steelers decided to pick him with their second-round pick.

The Steelers were so high on Freiermuth that they had a first-round grade on him going into the 2021 NFL draft. So that should tell you everything about how they value Pat Freiermuth. He said he had great meetings with the Steelers and he felt if he was there with their 55th pick that he would become a Pittsburgh Steeler.

When he saw the Steelers were calling and it was a Pittsburgh area code Freiermuth thought it was one of his buddies from Penn State pranking him. Little did he know he would become a Pittsburgh Steelers once he picked up the phone. Solid pick by the Steelers to secure their tight end position.


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