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Notre Dame TE Tommy Tremble would be a good Mid-Round Pick for the Pittsburgh Steelers

For once in a long time, the Pittsburgh Steelers are thin at the tight end position. Vance McDonald has decided to retire after the 2020 season and now it only leaves Eric Ebron left to handle the tight end position. The Steelers should look for a young tight-end prospect in the 2021 NFL draft. Let me just say I absolutely love Penn State's Pat Freiermuth and if the Steelers did end up drafting him he would become a stud in Pittsburgh. The problem is I believe the Steelers will need to use an early draft pick to draft Freiermuth. Right now there are bigger needs early on than tight end, but if they did draft him I would be 100% ok with that selection because I am really high on Freiermuth.

If the Steelers do end up passing on an early tight end in the 2021 NFL draft there still are great tight ends with good value in the middle of the NFL draft. Notre Dame TE Tommy Tremble is one of those good values. He has been one of the best blocking tight end prospects going into the 2021 draft. Pro Football Network believes he has elite blocking and great hands. Having guys like Kyle Pitts, Pat Friermuth, Bevin Jordan, and others can cause you to overlook Tremble, but I believe he is a good tight end.

Pro Football Focus actually has Tremble ranked as the 3rd best tight end in the 2021 NFL draft. This is surprising because I have seen them rank Tremble around 5th at times. PFF also gave Tremble the highest run-blocking grade during the 2020 season. That is why I think the Pittsburgh Steelers would be foolish to pass up on Tremble for a mid-round draft pick. If they want to bolster their running attack Tremble is the guy who can help.

Not only is he good at block, but he is great with his hands too. So you would be getting a versatile tight end if you ended up drafting Tremble. It might be a good idea if the Steelers take a long hard look at Tremble during the 2021 NFL draft because if he is there in the later rounds I would draft him immediately.


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