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Not the Steelers fault the Titans couldn't show up this Sunday

A pretty heated debate has taken over whether the Titans should forfeit their game with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. There was a strong possibility that the Steelers-Titans would be played on Monday Night. It was reported by Pat Mcafee and Paul Kuharsky. Then on Thursday morning Adam Schefter tweeted out the Steelers-Titans game will be postponed further into the season. This is absolutely bogus news especially in regards to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers showed up this week to practice and prepare for the Titans as a professional football team does. They even practiced on freaking Thursday!

The biggest question for the NFL to answer is was there negligence by the Titans? It is a fair question because the Titans are a billion-dollar organization that was given all of the resources and guidelines to deal with Covid-19. Guaranteed if the shoe was on the other foot the NFL would investigate the Pittsburgh Steelers if they had as many positive covid tests as the Titans have.

Mike Tomlin was asked what he thought about the possibility of having to play 13 straight games this season if the NFL considers Week 4 a bye week for both NFL teams. A simple answer Tomlin gave: "We don't care." After playing the Ravens, Bengals, and Browns six times in the grueling AFC North then the Steelers might care because those games are brutal with injuries. Their week 8 bye was scheduled to be after playing the Ravens. It set up nicely to recover from any injuries during that game. Well, that might change now.

Today it was announced 2 more Titans have tested positive for Covid-19. The total is now 7 Titan's players and 6 other members of the organization have tested positive. What a shit show. Adam Schefter said this morning if there are more positives this weekend in Tennesse, next weekend's Titans-Bills game would be in jeopardy. That would give the Titans two full bye weeks because they were irresponsible with Covid-19. It gets to a point the NFL will need to step in and determine if they have to forfeit. That would also send a warning to the NFL players to abide by the NFL Covid-19 guidelines. Overall, this is not the Steelers problem because they were ready to play this weekend. They showed up and were ready to battle for their 3-0 undefeated record. Now they have to sit at home this weekend. What a load of BS.

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