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Nick Wright of Fox Sports 1: 'The playoffs actually start for the Chiefs in 10 days'

(Screenshot of Nick Wright via FS1)

Nick Wright of FS1 continues to give out hot takes in regards to Sunday night's Steelers-Chiefs wild card game at Arrowhead Stadium.

On Wednesday, Wright said that the Chiefs playing the Steelers in the wild-card round is better than a bye week.

"Worried?! No. This is actually better than a bye," Wright said. "Get some cardio in, knock off some rust, have no chance of losing and just be rolling when the playoffs actually start for the Chiefs, in the divisional round."

Wright took it a step further on Thursday and had an even more ridiculous take (that's what sports talk shows do).

"The Steelers are the biggest underdogs in Wild Card Weekend history," Wright said." "I said, 'Better than a bye' and the only real pushback I got was what about injuries. That's a fair point. If I were Andy Reid, I'd consider resting Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill."

Wright also notes that the Chiefs beat the Steelers, 36-10, a few weeks ago at Arrowhead with Kelce out and Hill barely playing.

"Both are a little banged up. I’d consider resting them for when the playoffs actually start for the Chiefs in 10 days," Wright said.

The odds of the Steelers pulling off an upset Kansas City are unlikely. The Steelers are currently 12.5-point underdogs against the Chiefs. The Chiefs just have more talent. But, you just never know. It's Any Given Sunday. It sure would be hilarious to see Wright's reaction if the Steelers end up beating the Chiefs.

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