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NFL will allow Fans at Training Camps and Teams are cleared for Full Stadiums in 2021

The NFL will be welcoming fans back in 2021 after enduring a rough season in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout the sports world, many organizations have had a tough time because of Covid-19. Many have lost billions in revenue and we had to endure hearing fake crowd noises during much of the season in 2020 while seeing cardboard cutouts in many stadium seats. It was a very unusual year for the sports world and I hope we all do not have to endure it again.

ESPN's Kevin Seifert has reported fans will be allowed to attend training camps this summer in accordance with state and local guidelines. Thirty NFL teams have gained permission to open their stadiums up to full capacity. The Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts are still working on authorizing to fill their stadiums in 2021, but the NFL feels they will soon get clearance.

The NFL said it will not implement a vaccination policy for fans in order for them to attend games in 2021. Instead, they will leave it up to state and local guidelines for making the rules in regards to vaccinations. I would expect ticket sales to soar heading into 2021 because of the lost revenue the NFL endured during the 2020 season. It is going to be so good to see the NFL and other spots leagues finally get back to normal in 2021!


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