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NFL made a mistake by expanding the playoffs to a seventh seed

(Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

The NFL added an extra playoff spot in 2020, so instead of having six teams like they normally did, it's now seven teams in each conference. The NFL made a mistake by doing this. I didn't like the move when they announced it, as it waters down the playoffs.

The seventh seeds really don't belong in the playoffs, just look at Sunday's games -- the Buccaneers blew out the Eagles, 31-15, and the Chiefs stomped the Steelers, 42-21. Both scores didn't really tell the whole story of the game either, as the Eagles and Steelers each got two touchdowns in garbage time.

The NFL had the perfect system with a 16-game schedule and a 12-team playoff format with the top two seeds in each conference getting a bye week.

Of course, the whole reason for the NFL expanding the schedule to 17 games and adding an extra playoff team is that it provides more games, which equals more money. Heck, the NFL is even having a playoff game on Monday night between the Rams and Cardinals, which will boost up their ratings.

The NFL just can't help themselves. It's already the most-watched sport in North America by a large margin and they just want to get bigger. Having a seventh-seed in the playoffs doesn't prove entertaining football, however. Both the Eagles-Buccaneers and Steelers-Chiefs games were just not a fair fight. It was over by the third quarter.

Former Steelers free safety Ryan Clark even wonders what's the point of having. seventh seeds if the games are going to be blowouts?

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