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Head Coach Jim Mora says Najee Harris is the 'Next Franco Harris' for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Many draft experts expect the Pittsburgh Steelers to take their next stud running back in the 2021 NFL draft. The question is who do the Steelers feel is the most complete back when it is time for them to select in either the first round or the second round? One of the two rounds should be a running back for the Steelers if they do not choose to pick one in free agency. Bob Labriola seems to feel confident the Steelers will draft a running back.

It seems the Steelers could choose either 4 running backs in the NFL draft. Najee Harris, Travis Etienne, Javonte Williams, and Michael Carter could fit well with the Pittsburgh Steelers. In my opinion, I feel Najee Harris is the best and most complete back. Javonte Williams is one of the youngest. Again it all comes down to who the Steelers feel is the most complete back and right now they have shown the most interest in Najee Harris.

One of our friends from Sports Illustrated Noah Strackbein recently sat down with Head Coach Jim Mora and did a fantastic interview with him. Noah asked who would be a fit for the Pittsburgh Steelers at running back in the 2021 NFL draft... Mora says if Najee Harris is there for the Steelers he is the perfect fit.

Jim Mora on Najee Harris: "Najee Harris is the next Franco Harris, Le'Veon Bell. He is a special young talent."

Jim Mora actually started recruiting Najee Harris his sophomore year in high school when he was at UCLA. So Mora got to know Harris really well and the thing that stands out with Najee Harris is he is a high character individual. He is the type of player that Mike Tomlin would love to have. Mora feels Najee can go into the Steelers locker room and gain a lot of respect from the Veterans right away.

Najee knows when to keep his mouth close and when to speak up. Harris is respectful but more than anything Najee brings toughness. That is exactly what the Pittsburgh Steelers need right now in their running game. They need to get back to their ways of running the ball with power. Mora feels many teams think Alabama running backs come into the league beat up, but he feels Najee is a different breed. He doesn't care where you have come from if you have found the end zone 26 times as a running back in one season you're very special.

Jim Mora says if Najee Harris is sitting there at No. 24 most of the college head coaches expect the Steelers to take him. Then the Steelers will try and address the offensive line through free agency and the NFL draft. This is exactly on par with what I have been saying in regards to the draft. If Najee Harris is there for the Steelers you have to take him. He is too special to pass up. The offensive linemen in the 2021 NFL draft are plentiful. There is not many Najee Harris type of backs in the draft. So if he is there at No. 24 Mora is pretty positive the Steelers will draft him.

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