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NFL Draft Analyst Tony Pauline says the Steelers are locked in on 3 players at Pick 24

The 2021 NFL draft is just around the corner. That means the Pittsburgh Steelers will have some new players join their organization in 2021. It has become very apparent one of those players will be a 'dynamic running back' in the early rounds. No one knows what the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to do, but it seems NFL Draft Analyst Tony Pauline's sources have told him the Steelers have locked in 3 players with their 24th pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

Pauline told 93.7 the fan today his sources told him the Steelers like RB Najee Harris, OT Teven Jenkins, and Center Landon Dickerson. That is a big scoop and if true why do the Steelers not have Travis Etienne as one of their top picks? Out of all three of those top prospects, I would like the Steelers to draft Najee Harris, but there is a big possibility he could not be there by the time they draft. If he is there I believe the Steelers will take him.

Many Steeler fans will be happy to see the Steelers have a tackle and center as their top 3 prospects, but I believe Landon Dickerson will be a reach for a first-round pick. He has many injury issues and going forward that could impact the Steelers. They will need a Center that is dependable without being a big risk for injury. Don't get me wrong Dickerson is a premier prospect, but I believe you could get him in the second round of the NFL draft.

No matter what the Steelers decide to do they need to take a running back in the first 2 rounds of the NFL draft. Then build their offensive lineup. Later in the NFL draft, they can draft key needs on the defensive side of the ball.

Hopefully, the Steelers will draft on the offensive side of the ball in the first couple of rounds because the Steeler's offense has been atrocious and they need to start getting premier talent on the offensive side of the ball. A premier running back or top offensive lineman in the first round would be a good start to beefing up the Steelers offensive side of the ball.


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