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BLOG Daniel Jeremiah said he will probably move Javonte Williams above Najee Harris

The much-anticipated debate amongst Steelers fans continues to roll on. Who should the Pittsburgh Steelers take with their first-round pick at No. 24? Should it be a running back or an offensive lineman? To me, the Steelers should take a running back. Yes, I know it's not the usual way of doing things and running backs are prone to getting hurt, but the Steelers need to get a playmaker and the offensive linemen in the 2021 NFL draft are plentiful.

In Daniel Jeremiah's NFL draft call today he said North Carolina RB Javonte Williams probably will move up his next top-50 list ahead of Alabama's Najee Harris. He compared Williams to Chubb of the Cleveland Browns. Jeremiah says there is potential value for the Steelers at 24 with drafting Williams.

That is the first time I have heard Javonte Williams even be considered as a first-round draft pick and if the trend continues that will make the Steelers pick much harder in regards to drafting a running back. Najee Harris and Travis Etienne have been projected to be first-round running backs, but now if Javonte Williams is thrown in the mix that could complicate things.

Williams was projected to be a second-round draft pick and that would give the Steelers some breathing room if they would like to get an offensive lineman in the first round and then in the second be confident Javonte Williams will be there in the second. Now I am not so sure that will happen. This is just another tough decision for the Steelers front office to make in an offseason where they need to make the right decisions.

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