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BLOG Analyst Charley Casserly thinks QB Justin Fields will end up with the Pittsburgh Steelers

It remains to be seen if the Pittsburgh Steelers will be drafting a quarterback in the 2021 NFL draft. If a top-tier quarterback does fall to their No. 24 pick in the draft that could be very intriguing for the Steelers organization. Mike Tomlin was seen recently showing heavy interest in Justin Fields during his first pro day. Tomlin even said 'give us what we came here to see' while watching Fields.

It should be noted the majority of draft experts expect Fields to be gone well before the Steelers pick and most feel he will be a top-10 quarterback, but Lamar Jackson did slide down the 2018 NFL draft all the way to number 32. So you never know how the NFL draft is going to play out until you witness it happening. Analyst Charley Casserly feels quarterback Justin Fields will fall to the Pittsburgh Steelers at number 24 in his recent Mock Draft. He feels Pittsburgh is the perfect landing spot for Fields to play behind Hall of Fame quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for one season before taking over the offense in 2022. It would be interesting to see if the Steelers would end up drafting Fields if he fell to them, but the odds aren't in favor of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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