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NFL: "Steelers-Browns on track for Sunday Night"

There has been a ton of questions this week in regards to the Steelers-Browns game on Sunday Night. The Browns have had a difficult week with Covid-19 and they just had their first practice yesterday afternoon. According to the NFL, the Browns-Steelers game is on track to be played Sunday Night. The Browns were tested off-site on Friday night. The NFL announced there were no new positive results coming from the Browns today. Another round of off-site testing will occur today. We should get those results tonight if not tomorrow morning. The good news is the NFL is comfortable to move the Steelers-Browns forward as scheduled.

“Medical personnel are comfortable that they have an understanding of where the transmission had been coming from and will continue to monitor,” the league said in an email to PFT. “They recommended moving forward as scheduled with the team flying out tonight pending results from the Mesa tests. The team will take Mesa tests again tomorrow similar to the routine that took place before last week’s game.”

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