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New Details Emerge from the Dwayne Haskins Incident with his Wife in Las Vegas

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News broke late last night about the Steeler's newly acquired quarterback who has had off-the-field issues prior to joining the team. Haskins is looking for a new start with a better NFL football system, but it seems like the young quarterback has found himself in another situation. This time the situation was involving his new wife on July 3rd at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

Not even four days ago did Haskins post a picture with his new wife Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins saying, "Couldn't make you wait forever, forever. This is forever." The picture shows Kalabrya holding up her wedding ring and kissing Dwayne Haskins.

I am not writing this article placing any judgment on anyone because the details are still coming out, but some of the reports leaking through the media are troubling. The Police were called to the Cosmopolitan at around 2:30 a.m. where they found Dwayne Haskins with a bloody lip and a missing tooth. The police said in their report his injuries were "substantial in nature."

Haskins is going to require dental work to fix his teeth according to ESPN. In a separate interview with Haskin's wife, she told investigators she tried to stop a fight between Haskins and one of his friends. During the altercation, she fell to the floor and hit the back of her head. She did tell the police she had head and neck pain as well as bruises on her leg. In the police report, she told the police she does not remember who if anyone had battered her.

Kalabrya also stated she did not know what had happened to Haskins during the altercation, but still continued to suggest Haskins was in a fight with one of his friends. When the investigators were questioning Haskin's wife they said she was accused of punching Haskins. She also asked the police if Haskins was the one telling them she punched him in the face.

Haskins told the Police officers he remembers getting into a fight with his wife, but does not remember getting hit in the face. The police found his missing tooth and some blood in the hotel room. Kalabrya was arrested at the scene and is being charged with a felony of battery and domestic violence resulting in bodily harm. She is expected to be in court on August 3rd.

The Steelers are aware of the situation involving Dwayne Haskins, but will not issue a comment at this time.

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