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Nate Burleson says Najee Harris will have a Derrick Henry-Like Impact on the Steelers in 2021

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There is no doubt Najee Harris will be compared to Derrick Henry throughout their time in the NFL. Both play with power, have similar size, and are both three-down running backs. Not to mention both players are from Alabama so it is not going to be surprising to hear Henry's name every time Najee Harris is being talked about.

In fact, they're already being compared on NFL Network and Najee Harris hasn't even played a snap in the NFL. Derrick Henry has been a force to reckon with during his time in the NFL and if there is any indication Najee Harris is going to be like Henry then I think the Steelers hit the jackpot. Harris could be even better than Henry, but I'll temper those expectations down a bit until Harris can see the football field. After all, Harris did break Henry's rushing record at Alabama...

Nate Burleson believes Najee Harris will have a Derrick Henry-like Impact on the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2021. Burleson is a big fan of Najee Harris and he feels like Najee Harris was overlooked early on in the 2021 NFL draft even though he was dominant in college football. Burleson tried to convince people that Najee Harris is that guy because ultimately he did play at Alabama and you get to play the best of the best every single week.

Najee Harris made big-time players in college look like high schoolers and Burleson believes that will translate to the NFL level. The most important aspect of Najee Harris going to the Pittsburgh Steelers is that the team needs him in a big way because the Steelers have been at the bottom of the pack for the past few seasons in regards to the running game. Burleson says Najee Harris is going to be 'THAT GUY' with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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