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Najee Harris shows his personality at rookie minicamp

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Steelers' first-round pick Najee Harris spoke with the media today at the conclusion of the second rookie minicamp practice, and he sure did display his personality, which was all in good fun.

Harris was surprised when he found out that the media was watching him from a balcony at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex, as he thought they were "boosters."

“Oh, you saw that?” Harris asked when a reporter mentioned his one-handed catch at practice. “You guys were here? Where were you guys at?”

Harris also balked at a question about his pass-catching ability, and whether his one-handed grab at practice was something new. Harris responded in a fun way through and was just messing around with the reporter.

“Bro, what?” Harris said. “Where you from? Did you always cover the Pittsburgh Steelers?

“I always do that! (referring to making one-handed grabs). I always do that. Not to brag or nothing, but it’s like, what the heck? It wasn’t luck, I’ll tell you that.”

Judging by Harris' interview with the media at rookie minicamp, he should be a fun listen for years to come, as he has a great personality.

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