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Najee Harris says he gained just four pounds from last year, but he looks like he put on good weight

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Najee Harris clarified on Twitter on Tuesday that he gained just four pounds from last year after he told Steelers Nation Radio that he weighs 244 pounds. Once the news got out on Twitter that he was 244, it started to trend and some took it as Harris bulked up immensely, which wasn't the case.

"Bra I weighed 240 last year. Reporters really don’t be knowing nothing just be tweeting shit," Harris tweeted.

While Harris claims he didn't add much weight, it's clear by looking at the videos and photos from OTAs, that Harris is in top-notch shape. He also looks bigger, especially his legs and quads. It's good weight.

There was even a report that Harris weighs more than prime Jerome Bettis ahead of his second NFL season. Bettis weighed 243 pounds. I'm not sure how accurate Bettis' weight was, but that's what he was listed as.

In an interview with Missi Matthews of, Harris said he was training in Houston this offseason with Nick Codutti. He also said that he's been boxing and swimming.

“It’s multiple things, like I watch film and I see what I need to focus on mainly. In the weight room if I need to just get more upper body strength, lower body strength, focus on that,” Harris said. “If I want to work on picking up my knees while running and working on that. I got a cardio aspect, I got swimming aspects of it, I train with boxers too; their cardio is amazing, so then I box, too, after. I kinda started liking boxing, so now I box more and put that in my workout.

“For a running back, I feel like you can’t just focus on one thing if you want to be an all-purpose back. You gotta focus on catching, sprinting, cardio, you gotta focus on agility, cuts, vision, pass-blocking. So it’s a lot of things that I do.”

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