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Najee Harris returned to the homeless shelter that he used to stay at to throw a draft party

(Photo by Alike Jenner/Getty Images)

Alabama running back Najee Harris was the favorite to land in Pittsburgh and he ended up being the Steelers first-round selection at 24th overall.

According to Spotrac, Harris' rookie contract with the Steelers should be four years worth $13 million that includes a $6.8 million signing bonus. His cap hit in 2021 will be $2.3 million.

Harris will earn life-changing type of money and it's certainly well-deserved, as he worked for everything in his life. Nothing was given to him.

In middle school, Harris was living in a homeless shelter and today, he returned to throw a draft party for the kids and families at the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program.

Harris giving back to his community at a homeless shelter on draft day just shows how much of a high-character guy he is, and I'm sure the Steelers took that into consideration when selecting him. He'll fit right in with the Steelers organization on and off the field.

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