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Najee Harris needs to be a Steeler

(Collegiate Images/Getty Images)

Against The Ohio State Buckeyes, Najee rushed for 79 yards and 2 Touchdowns. Not great numbers against Ohio State. Which, when you have Heisman Winner DeVonta Smith on your team, it really shows a lot about that type of team. I would take either of them. However, Smith looks like he will be gone in the top 5. He’s an unreal talent.

Najee Harris might just make it to the Steelers. I would assume that at the 24th pick he would be ripe for the picking. We need that type of back going into the future who will be able to get that one yard on that 4th and 1 opportunity. If James Conner can’t do it. Then we need someone who can.

Sadly, we could end up losing Ben Roethlisberger or be reaching the end of his ride. So, the Steelers might opt to look at a replacement at the 24th position in the draft. Which wouldn’t be the worst thing. However, still, Najee Harris would look great in the Black and Yellow. He seems like a good kid and someone I’d love to have in our building.

Najee could also aid in a final season for Big Ben as well. Hoping for consistency would be the best thing. We need that rusher that can get us over 100 yards rushing consistently. Hopefully, Najee would be the answer. However, the Steelers have bigger problems ahead.

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