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Najee Harris named as one of ESPN's Potential Offensive Rookie of the Year

Najee Harris is starting to become a household name in Pittsburgh already. His personality is starting to come out with the media and many of Yinz are going to fall in love with him just like they did with JuJu Smith-Schuster. Heck, even JuJu Smith-Schuster is a big fan of Najee Harris. Many of us got to see Najee Harris on the football field for the first time making cuts in Pittsburgh. He looked pretty good for just doing one-on-one drills with Steelers running back coach Eddie Faulkner.

Even Tomlin has called him a 'sharp football guy.' Tomlin normally doesn't like praising his rookies all that much, but he seems to really like Najee Harris. There is no denying his talent as he was a monster in Alabama. Through his 4 years with Alabama, Najee Harris rushed over 3,843 rushing yards, 46 touchdowns, 80 receptions, 781 receiving yards, and 11 receiving touchdowns. Those are some monster numbers he put up in college, but will he be able to convert his play into the NFL?

ESPN feels Najee Harris could be an Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate once the 2021 NFL season ends. ESPN's Mike Clay believes Harris will be so good with the Pittsburgh Steelers that he is already naming him his Offensive Rookie of the Year. Ja'Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle, Justin Fields, and Trevor Lawrence were also named by other ESPN Analysts as their Offensive Rookie of the Year. Only time will tell how good Najee Harris will be in Pittsburgh, but if you have listened to how Legends like Franco Harris and Jerome Bettis are talking they know he can become a monster down the road. ESPN's Mike Clay obviously feels the same way.


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