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Najee Harris is just trying to be a sponge with the Pittsburgh Steelers

(Photography by Karl Roser of

Everyone finally got a glimpse of Najee Harris in the Black and Gold this weekend during the Steelers Rookie Mini-Camp. So far most of the media have been pretty impressed with Harris's ability on the football field. One media member even asked if he had always been catching the ball with one hand like he did today during practice and Najee replied with... Bro. What? Those that have not watched Harris play on the football field don't know much about him and his ability. He is an elite running back who is capable of becoming a big star in Pittsburgh going forward.

Harris says he would never try to blend in anywhere. He tries to stand out in his own way and always feels like he will always stand out on the football field. The confidence is there for him now he just needs to execute at the NFL level. Harris did say there are a lot of things that are similar in regards to play calling in Pittsburgh compared to Alabama as they're using different terminology.

Najee Harris on the Steelers offense: "There are a lot of things that are similar, just different terminology, the same meaning at the end of the day," said Harris. "The one thing that is similar is how they are going to line me up out wide as they did in college, utilize the running back in the passing game out wide, in the slot, at the X position. The schemes of the runs, the inside zone, the outside zone. A lot of what they are doing in their offense is a lot of what we did. Putting the players in the best position to make a play. Not doing a lot of thinking, just fast playing. The more you think, the slower you play. It seems like they are trying to make everything as easy as possible so the players can just play fast and really use the best of their ability."

No matter how challenging things get for Najee Harris he is going to do as much as he can to learn their system inside and out. One of the ways he is going to learn everything is by watching a ton of film and just soak everything up like a sponge.


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