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Najee Harris is expected to do running back drills today in Alabama's Second Pro Day

One of the most coveted running backs in the 2021 NFL draft will finally take part in doing drills today at Alabama's Second Pro Day. Harris is expected to go early in the 2021 NFL draft and the Steelers have had their eyes on him since the Senior Bowl. We haven't seen much of Najee Harris participating during Alabama's Pro Day because of an ankle injury he sustained during the final days at Alabama.

Today Najee Harris is expected to finally take part in drills with Mac Jones, but he will not do the 40-yard dash. He does not want to further inflame his ankle injury. That is fine if we do not see him do the 40-yard dash because his film does the talking when you watch it. We know Najee Harris is fast. I am more interested in seeing him catching the ball out of the backfield or going wideout like a wide receiver today with Mac Jones. Not only can Najee run the ball from the backfield, but he can also lineup like a wide-receiver and catch the ball outside too. He is a very versatile back.

Not only will Najee catch passes from Mac Jones, but he will partake in running back drills today. Scouts will be able to finally see him up close in person working out. Harris is not expected to last in the first round of the draft, but if he does expect him to be drafted very early in the second round. Today will be a day to watch and see if he increases his draft stock. It will also be interesting to see if Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert will be back in attendance. Only time will tell if the Steelers end up drafting Harris, but the Dolphins sitting at number 18 could spoil the Steeler's chances.


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