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Najee Harris is already being predicted as the Steelers Breakout Player in 2021

Everyone knew the Pittsburgh Steelers were going to draft Najee Harris with their first-round pick going into the 2021 NFL draft. All that needed to happen was for Najee to fall into the Steeler's lap and he did. After the Dolphins and Jets decided to pass on him in the 2021 NFL draft it became evident Najee Harris would become a Pittsburgh Steeler. Harris was dominant during his time with Alabama and he is looking to come into the NFL to take over with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bleacher Report recently wrote an article predicting their breakout players for each NFL team heading into 2021. They feel there aren't that many breakout players in Pittsburgh right now even though the Steelers have Chase Claypool who ended up scoring 9 touchdowns and topped 850 receiving yards as a rookie. It seems Bleacher Report feels Ben Roethlisberger will look to throw less with Najee Harris in the backfield and that could ultimately slow down Claypool's tear on the football field.

Harris is no stranger to being the clear number 1 running back especially during his time in Alabama. He is a workhorse who will look to come into Pittsburgh and become their new bell-cow. No team in the NFL had less success running the football in 2020 than the Pittsburgh Steelers who just managed 84 yards and change per game while Harris was tearing it up in Alabama while rushing for 1,466 yards and 26 touchdowns on the ground.

Even some of the Pittsburgh Media are starting to say Najee Harris could become the face of the franchise in Pittsburgh such as John Leciew of Penn Live who wrote "Sure Big Ben will be the Steelers starting quarterback for at least one more season, but as far as the face of the franchise goes, it's looking like a rookie running back will finally surpass Roethlisberger as the signature Steeler in the eyes of most of the fans."

Bleacher Report agrees it is not outside of the realm to see Najee Harris become a big superstar in Pittsburgh. They also feel Najee Harris could become the third running back in six years to lead the league in rushing as a rookie. That is some big talk in regards to Najee Harris, but I think we should all temper expectations until we finally see him on the field in action. If Harris can stay healthy he is going to become a monster in Pittsburgh there is no doubt about it in my mind. Wait and see.

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