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Najee Harris has the 49ers winning the Super Bowl

(Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)

Najee Harris had a one-on-one interview with Hakem Dermish of CBS Sports on Thursday and was asked who he has winning the Super Bowl, and to no surprise, Harris is pulling for his hometown 49ers.

"I'm a Niner fan, so I'm gonna go with the Niners on that end," Harris said. "Not only that, but the Niners are a really good team, their defense is good, they got a lot of playmakers on offense. I really like Deebo (Samuel). He's a Swiss Army knife, man. You can put him anywhere. Mismatch him when you put him in the backfield when he's one-on-one with a linebacker -- option route, slots, having that much space to work with, and then even just being out wide and having that one-on-one coverage. I mean, this guy right here, he's really good. And then, obviously, I like Trent Williams. They have a really good team. I think they're going to win that one (against the Rams)."

As far as the AFC Championship Game, Harris has the Bengals knocking off the Chiefs and playing the 49ers in the Super Bowl.

"The Bengals are pretty good, but so is the Chiefs," Harris said. "They both got really high-powered offenses. They both got a lot of playmakers. They both got good quarterbacks. The Bengals (are) a really good young team. The Chiefs are experienced and really good too, this is like their prime in a way. I think it's going to come down to who makes the best plays in the key moments because they're both going to score. I think they know that. The defenses got to step up big. It's who makes the plays when it matters the most. That's what happened last game when they played. For some reason, I'm going to go with the Bengals, man. I think they're going to be in the Super Bowl, and the Niners are going to win."

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