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Najee Harris deserves to make his own history with the Steelers

The Steelers first-round rookie is already being compared to Steelers legendary running backs before he has even taken the field in 2021. We all need to start slowing down on putting the pressure on a first-year NFL rookie with high expectations and expecting Harris to become Franco Harris or Jerome Bettis the moment he walks out onto the field. It will take time for him to acclimate himself with the Steelers system, but I believe in due time he will write his own history in Pittsburgh.

No matter what anyone says Najee Harris is going to come in and help the Steeler's offense tremendously because the Steelers only averaged 3.6 yards per carry in 2020. I don't understand much of the hate with the Steelers getting a first-round running back. If the Steelers didn't select Najee in the first round they could have potentially missed out on 3 premier running backs in the 2021 NFL draft as both Javonte Williams and Travis Etienne were taken after Harris was picked by the Steelers. I believe it was the right calculation to take Harris in the first round by the Steelers.

Labriola was recently asked on his Asked and Answered for May 6th if the Steelers would allow Najee Harris to wear Franco Harris's number 32 since it hasn't been retired... Even I said woah we need to slow down here after reading that question and Labriola answered it perfectly by saying he hopes the Steelers would not allow him to wear it. He thinks it would be disrespectful to the team's rich history, but Harris deserves a chance to make his own history with the Steelers franchise.

That is why I was glad he chose the number 22 when coming to Pittsburgh. Not only does he get to keep his college number, but it allows him to distance himself from other Steeler legends. The Steelers organization is very high on Najee Harris and it is rare they often take running backs in the first round, but I believe Yinz needs to slow down and let the process play out. I believe it will be special to watch if he can stay healthy in Pittsburgh.

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