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Najee Harris describes Pittsburgh as 'Alice in Wonderland'

The Pittsburgh Steelers addressed their running game in a big way during the first round of the 2021 NFL draft. Kevin Colbert decided to go after the top running back in the draft and they got him. The Steelers had to get through the Dolphins and Jets as both teams decided to go a different way instead of going after Najee Harris. There is no doubt the road to Najee Harris ran through Miami and New York, but it stopped in Pittsburgh.

After the 2021 NFL draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers brought Najee Harris in for a visit to Pittsburgh as they do with all of their players that they draft. During the visit, you could see Najee Harris look over Pittsburgh and see Heinz Field. When he looked out at the City of Pittsburgh he said "Oh that's clean, There it is right there? Oh, that's nice as hell! It looks like Alice in Wonderland out there."

During Najee's visit to Pittsburgh, he did say he understands why so many people love this city because the view is beautiful. This is great to hear because I believe Najee Harris will be with the Pittsburgh Steelers organization for a very long time. Hopefully, longer than Le'Veon Bell was with Pittsburgh. I do know he should become a bigger star than Le'Veon Bell was during his time with the Steelers because it seems Najee Harris will not allow his ego to get into the way as Bell did. It was great to see the Steelers draft Najee Harris and I am looking forward to his future with the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is very bright.


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