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Najee Harris' black Steelers jersey ranks seventh among top-selling jerseys in the NFL

(Photo by Collegiate Images via Getty Images)

The Fox Sports NFL Twitter account today revealed the top-selling jerseys in the NFL and Steelers' first-round pick Najee Harris' black jersey came in at No. 7.

Somehow new Jaguars' tight end Tim Tebow has the No. 1 and No. 2 selling jersey in the league with his teal jersey coming in at No. 1 and his black Jaguars jersey ranking No. 2. After Tebow, Bears' first-round pick Justin Fields' navy blue, orange and white jersey rank third, fourth and fifth, respectively. Right ahead of Harris is Tom Brady's white Buccaneers jersey at No. 6.

A few weeks ago it was announced that Harris had the highest-selling jersey among Steelers players, according to Fanatics. So, it doesn't come as a surprise that Harris has one of the highest-selling jerseys across the NFL, especially with how large the Steelers fan base is. There are also massive expectations for Harris in his rookie year, probably the most for a Steelers rookie during the Kevin Colbert era, which began in 2000.

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