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Myles Garrett says the helmet incident with the Steelers is in the past

On November 14th, 2019 the Steelers-Browns met in Cleveland on a Thursday Night. The game was going fine and the Browns were up on the Steelers then Myles Garrett decided to make a boneheaded move by ripping Mason Rudolph's helmet and smashing it over the head of Rudolph. A big fight ensued and Myles Garrett was suspended for the remainder of the season. Garrett was fined $45,623 and lost close to $1.2 million in lost salary for the incident as well. Fast Forward to now and Myles Garrett is back with the Browns reinstated. He is coming into the Steelers game Sunday playing at an Elite level, but not as good as TJ Watt. Regardless this will be Garrett's first game back against the Steelers since the Incident with Rudolph.

Myles Garrett sat down with ESPN today and said he is expecting a clean game against the Steelers. He heard what Mike Tomlin said in regards to the incident being in the past, but he said we will see when they get out there and play if they really did put this behind them. Garrett says the Browns team has put the incident behind them and are ready to just play between the whistle. He said the Browns will not be worried about what the Steelers are doing or whether they are going to knock them off of their game. He was asked about what he thought about the Steelers having 5,000 fans inside their stadium. Garrett says they're the Browns and he knows they are going to get booed. He doesn't exactly expect to get a warm welcome from Steelers fans. We shall see...

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