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Minkah Fitzpatrick opens up about the Steelers

Steelers All-Pro Saftey Minkah Fitzpatrick recently was interviewed with and opened up on many of his teammates. He first opened up about his teammate Vince Williams saying he voted for him to be a Captain on the 2020 Steelers team. He said he could name at least five guys on the team who could be Captains. Vince is a "great leader," and a "workhorse," said Minkah.

"The title captain is tough, especially here," Fitzpatrick said. "You have multiple guys who can be captain, I can name at least five. Vince actually got one of my votes to be a captain. He is a great leader. He is a workhorse. He does everything the right way. He doesn't cut any corners. He came from not the typical background of a high caliber player. He grinded for everything he has. He keeps that in the back of his mind, and he plays like that. He will run through somebody and be excited about it. He plays with great energy. He makes the game a lot more fun to be around."

Bud Dupree recently started a new show on called 'Bud brought a buddy,' and asked Minkah Fitzpatrick to come on the show so he could open up more. Fitzpatrick had a fun time on the show and called Dupree an awesome dude who is very charismatic. He may look mean, but he is a great guy.

"Bud is an awesome dude," Fitzpatrick said. "He is very charismatic. He looks mean and all of that, but he is a great guy. He loves to have fun. He wanted me to be on the show. I was like, yeah, people don't know a lot about me. He said I am too quiet, and he wanted me on the show to speak up a little big, lighten up a little bit and have fun."

Minkah is similar to Troy Polamalu by being an amazing, humble, but quiet football player. This is not a bad thing at all because you could get the opposite type of personality (cough cough Antonio Brown.) Minkah has been very quiet on the field this season, but that is not his fault. He has only been targeted 4 times in 3 weeks. This is called the Minkah Effect on the field. Fitzpatrick is a stud on the Pittsburgh Steelers and has our vote for becoming a Captain on the team. It was pleasant to see Minkah open up on his teammates and step into the mindset of Fitzpatrick for once.

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