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Mike Tomlin: "Spillane, Feiler, Edmunds, and Boswell could potentially return this week"

Mike Tomlin had his annual Tomlin Tuesday Presser today. He announced Terrell Edmunds and Chris Boswell can work their way back into the lineup this week against the Browns. He also said Robert Spillane and Matt Feiler could potentially return this week against the Browns as well. That would be huge for the Pittsburgh Steelers to get back Terrell Edmunds, Chris Boswell, Robert Spillane, and Matt Feiler. It is unsure if Tomlin will decide to keep Kevin Dotson in the starting lineup when Matt Feiler comes back. Either way, Kevin Dotson says he will do what Tomlin says in order to help the team win. In my opinion, Kevin Dotson is currently their best offensive lineman on the Steelers and should stay in the starting lineup regardless of the outcome of Matt Feiler.

Robert Spillane would be huge for the Steelers coming back because the middle of the field has been open as of late. Although Avery Williamson has been a tackling machine he would provide better depth for the Steelers linebackers. Ultimately, the Steelers need to have as many players as they can to come back prior to the playoffs. That would help them go deeper into the Playoffs with much-needed depth.

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