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Mike Tomlin shares a hilarious 'Mean' Joe Greene story

(Photo by Focus On Sport/Getty Images)

Mike Tomlin was on the Flying Coach podcast recently with Pete Schrager of the NFL Network and Rams head coach Sean McVay. Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris was also a part of the podcast, who has connections with Tomlin back to when they both coached together in Tampa Bay.

One of the most entertaining parts of the podcast was when Tomlin shared a story of when Raheem Morris, who was the head coach of the Buccaneers at the time, walked into the Steelers room at the NFL Scouting Combine and approached "Mean" Joe Greene in a manner like they knew each other for years.

"So, (Raheem Morris) is coaching the Bucs, I'm coaching the Steelers. Our combine interview rooms are right next door to each other. It's perfect," Tomlin said. "Every night he finishes, he comes over (to) our room. And everybody knows the nature of our relationship, everybody likes Raheem, how could you not like Raheem? But, like, I cringe whenever he was in the presence of Joe Greene because you just never know what the hell is gonna come out of Raheem's mouth. And Joe's nickname, is kind of well-earned, you know? And, man, Rah walks in there one night and sees Joe and he lights up. He's like, 'Joe what's up! Your old mean ass!' And it was like an eerie silence for about five seconds, and then Joe just fell out laughing. And it just signaled (to) the rest of us that we can laugh too. Like, I never seen anybody just force themselves on Joe Greene in a social type of way."

You can listen to Tomlin's hilarious "Mean" Joe Greene story in the video below. It's truly great.

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