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Mike Tomlin says RB Najee Harris is a 'Complete Back' heading into the NFL

Najee Harris is officially a Pittsburgh Steeler! The Steelers had their eyes on Harris all offseason and showed the most interest in him throughout the pre-draft process. The organization brought in their entire communication team, coaching staff, and management to one of his interviews. Once I learned about the Steelers bringing the entire house to meet with Najee Harris I knew he was going to be a Pittsburgh Steeler. The only issue I had was if the Dolphins or Jets were going to end up taking him. Luckily they didn't.

Mike Tomlin on Najee Harris after they picked him: "He's got a nice combination of size, strength, and athleticism. He's a complete back. There's not a lot of holes in his overall game. Those are the things that made him an attractive selection."

Colbert said similar things about Najee Harris, but the biggest takeaway is that Colbert said it was an easy decision for the Steelers to make when Harris fell to the team in the draft. That is a strong statement because there were some solid prospects still on the board for the Steelers going into the pick. Tomlin didn't blink and knew Najee Harris was going to be a Pittsburgh Steelers once he set eyes on Harris.


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