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Mike Tomlin says Dwayne Haskins has a Great Approach to Business as it's been Really Positive

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are two weeks away from playing in the Hall of Fame Game against the Dallas Cowboys. The organization has a head start on training camp from 29 other NFL teams and put in another day of work in camp yesterday. Ben Roethlisberger did not practice much yesterday with the Steelers, but that is how things have been designed in Pittsburgh.

Mike Tomlin would like to see the younger guys step up and show what they're capable of early on in training camp. Tomlin said, "We want to see more of the other guys. Some of these guys we know a lot about, and some of those guys we know a lot about might not play in the Hall of Fame Game, So, we've got to get to know some others. We've got to prepare some others. Just the nature of how this preseason is constructed now with today's guidelines, we don't have a lot of time before we're going to be in a stadium. So, those guys we're preparing to play against the Cowboys in Canton, we want to see more of than maybe some of those guys we don't intend to play."

One of those players Tomlin would like to see play more during the preseason and in camp is Dwayne Haskins. After having a horrible time in Washington Haskins is looking to get a fresh start with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He feels like he can take on this opportunity and make the most out of it in Pittsburgh. Tomlin says Haskins has been one of the guys who have taken extra reps when the Steelers have dialed back Ben Roethlisberger in practice.

Friday was one of those days that the Steelers dialed Ben Roethlisberger back and it allowed the Steelers to give more additional reps to Haskins. Now they will watch the film and see what they have in Haskins going forward. Tomlin has liked Haskins approach to business so far and says it has been really positive to this point. Now Haskins will take the tape, learn from it, and grow.


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