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Mike Tomlin ranks outside of the top-7 of NFL head coaches heading into the 2021 season

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Mike Tomlin is one of the better coaches in the NFL. That much is without a doubt. He is a players coach, and most players who come to play with Tomlin don't regret that experience one bit. This year, PFF ranked Mike Tomlin outside of the top-7.

However, I would keep him in the top-10 coaches in the NFL. Mike Tomlin has never had a losing season. He's also taken his team to two Super Bowls where he walked away from that with one ring. Still, he has more to prove.

Tomlin needs to show additional playoff success if he is going to be thought of as a higher-ranked coach. That's where the Steelers have slipped as of late. Currently, his record in the Playoffs is 8-8. That is .500, however, I would like to see him get more wins in the playoffs.

He's shown that he can win tough matchups, however, he just needs to clean up the rest of his record and take it to another level. I know that he isn't solely responsible for some of his team's shortcomings, but he's the head coach and the masses will blame his shoulders.

Personally, I'm happy with having Mike Tomlin as our coach. Without Tomlin, the Steelers will face the uncertainty that we haven't felt in a long-time. Mike Tomlin is Pittsburgh through and through. I don't want to see him go elsewhere. However, we do need to see improvement in the postseason.


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