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Mike Tomlin on JuJu's Injury: "I don't think it's anything major."

The Steelers improved to 10-0 against the Jaguars on Sunday but did not come out of the game healthy. Joe Haden, Zach Gentry, and JuJu Smith-Schuster were injured. JuJu hurt his toe when stepping on a penalty flag coming off of the field. Thankfully it was reported by CBS's Evan Washburn that he could have gone back into the game, but the Steelers were up 27-3 so it was wise the Steelers kept JuJu on the bench. After the Jaguars game, Mike Tomlin said he didn't think JuJu's injury was significant and he considered it just "bumps and bruises."

Tomlin on JuJu Smith-Schusters Injury: "I don't think it's anything major and that is why I just associated it with the bumps and bruises of play. It could be a factor for him, it could be a factor for others dealing with a short week."

The Steelers will have a short week to prepare for the Ravens on Thanksgiving. JuJu should be watched on the injury report throughout the week although Mike Tomlin and the Steelers feel his injury was not significant.

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