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Mike Tomlin is trending on Twitter because of his doppelganger Omar Epps

(Photo via @DaAnshaonSports on Twitter)

Mike Tomlin is trending on Twitter right now and it has nothing to do with football. It has to do with Omar Epps, the famous actor who looks just like Tomlin. When I first saw that Tomlin was trending on Twitter this morning, I thought it was football-related, so I researched to see what was going on and the tweet below was the reason why as it went viral.

Tomlin and Epps are around the same age, Tomlin is a year older, but it is quite amazing how they look just like each other. Epps could easily pass off as Tomlin at a practice or game if he was dressed in Steelers gear from head to toe.

This wasn't the first time that someone realized that Tomlin and Epps look like twins, as they've been linked together as look-alikes since early in Tomlin's tenure as the Steelers head coach.

Tomlin's name was even mentioned in an episode of "House M.D." over a decade ago when Epps was playing the character of Dr. Eric Foreman.

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