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Mike Tomlin is not worried about the Steelers game being pushed back

Coach Tomlin spoke with the media a little bit today in regards to the Titans game being pushed back. There was a report that said the Steelers vs Titans game was pushed back because it would be fair for both teams to prepare for each other. Tomlin was asked if the game being pushed back would put the Steelers at a disadvantage against the Eagles the following week.

"I haven’t pondered all those possibilities. Right now, there’s a strong possibility that it’s Monday," Tomlin said. "That has been our focus as we prepared today. Not concerned about next week to be honest with you. We live for one week at a time, man. We’ve got an undefeated team that we are scheduled to face at the end of this week. That’s kind of been our focus as we prepared today. It’s been a normal Wednesday for us. Some of the other hypotheticals we choose not to participate in because we are trying to be singularly, professionally focused in an effort to put our best foot forward when we step into the stadium against the Titans."

Tomlin was then asked if pushing the game back one day would affect anything that the Steelers are currently preparing for. He does not feel it is an issue and there are no mental issues as well for the Steelers.

"It really does not. We’ve had a similar schedule Week 1 when we played on Monday night on the road against the New York Football Giants," Tomlin said. "Really, it’s just a replication of that schedule to this point. No mental issues for us. Regardless of all the variables that you mentioned, it was a Wednesday for us. We had a base preparation day, regardless of those circumstances. We tried to stay focused on that. To be honest with you, this COVID environment with closed locker rooms and so forth has really provided us an opportunity to do that probably easier than normal circumstances."

The Steelers are going to follow their normal Monday Night Football schedule as they did in Week 1 to prepare for the Titans. Tomlin also acknowledged traveling will be a non-issue for the Steelers and will worry about it when the time gets closer.

"I haven’t pondered those things because it’s only Wednesday," he said. "I’m sure we will as we get closer, and I’m sure we will have better clarity as we get closer. So that will be a non-issue."

One of the last questions that Tomlin was asked is if the Steelers are going to add extra protocols when getting prepared. The Steelers have not changed anything yet, but are open to utilizing the technology and tools at their disposal.

"No, we have not, not that we are not open to that," Tomlin said. "We’re open to utilizing any information or technology or tools at our disposal to best adhere to the protocols that are being prescribed to us. That’s just been our general attitude throughout all of this. Realize that there is going to be some uneasiness and uncertainty in 2020. We’re not running away from it. We embrace it."

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