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Mike Tomlin helped Bud Dupree get back to work and Prepare for a long Rehab Process

The 2020 season was a rollercoaster for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Going 11-0 to finishing the season losing 4 out of 5 games and getting eliminated by the Cleveland Browns is embarrassing. There is a good explaination of why the Steelers failed so miserably at the end of the season. They were stubborn and lost a great player off of the edge. TJ Watt should be a Steeler for life and is an exceptional player, but even he went missing during the Browns game in the playoffs. Once the Steelers lost their edge duo in Watt and Dupree things were never the same.

After Bud Dupree went down he said he was down bad for a couple of days. That was until Mike Tomlin and his agent helped bring Dupree out of his gloom. Bud says Mike Tomlin made him realize the ACL rehabilitation will be a long process, but he will be alright.

Bud Dupree on Mike Tomlin and his Agent helping him to start his long ACL rehab: "We all got together and it helped me realize everything would be alright," Dupree said. "I trusted God, my plan and my work ethic. Now I'm back and I'll be ready for the season. Rehab was just small victories every week. I keep seeing progress in my ACL with bending, flexing, running, jumping, and it's exciting. It's always something new that excites me."

Small victories they were throughout the offseason for Dupree. He posted several rehabilitation videos from the Steelers facility throughout his process. He looked great and bounced back in a big way. Now he will be ready for the 2021 season with a new adventure and a new NFL team. Dupree owes a ton of gratitude to Mike Tomlin for helping him overcome his struggles during his ACL rehabilitation.

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