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Mike Tomlin calls Najee Harris a very 'Sharp and Passionate Football Player'

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Coach Tomlin spoke to the media today briefly about how the new 2021 rookies are doing during their Mini-Camp this weekend. He says they're just starting to build relationships with many of the younger guys and starting to get a sense of how they learn. The main focus right now is to get an up-close perspective of their talents. Once the Steelers let the rookies get with the veterans then they will get a sense of where they belong. Tomlin says it's all part of the process.

Tomlin was asked about his initial thoughts on Najee Harris so far and he didn't hold back his love for him so far. He said, "Harris is as highly conditioned as anybody out there and that is a great place to begin." Not only did Tomlin commend him for being conditioned, but he said Najee is a very sharp guy, a football guy, and someone who is very passionate about the game of football. One of the things that Tomlin noticed with Harris is he can articulate the game very well, so Tomlin is very excited about Najee Harris.

The great thing about rookie mini-camp is Tomlin will be able to see many of their new players practicing one-on-one with many of their coaches. Especially in regards to Eddie Faulkner with Najee Harris. Working with Faulkner one on one will allow Harris to verbalize his knowledge and allow him to teach a little bit differently when you don't have 3 or 4 other running backs to look over. Tomlin says Harris has had plenty of opportunities to show what he is talking about by being a sharp football guy. He ended his press conference with a Tomlinism saying, "You talk as opposed to doing, an effort to preserve."

The bottom line is Tomlin is really happy with what he is seeing in regards to Najee Harris so far. Once he sees Harris with Ben Roethlisberger and things start to come together on the offensive side of the ball then Tomlin should be even happier. Until then he is just starting to break the ice with Harris as far as personality and the way he plays football.


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