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Mike Tomlin brought up Vince Willams during their Pre-Draft Press Conference today

Vince Williams has been with the Pittsburgh Steelers for all of his professional football career. He was drafted in 2013 and has played with the Steelers organization for 8 seasons. That could have changed this year after the Steelers decided to release Vince Williams in the 2021 offseason to help offset some cap. It was unclear if Williams was going to return back to Pittsburgh ever again. It was a sad day when the Steelers released him because he is the definition of a Pittsburgh Steeler.

Little did everyone know the Steelers had a plan to bring him back on a smaller cap hit than originally in 2021. The Steelers found a way to convince Vince to stay in Pittsburgh even though he had several different offers from other teams. Vince plans on thinking about retirement after signing a one-year deal with the Steelers in 2021 and plans on coaching in the near future.

Today during Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin's pre-draft press conference Mike Tomlin brought up Vince Williams coming back to the Steelers in 2021 after Colbert thanks all of the veterans who chose to stay, including Ben Roethlisberger who adjusted his pay to stay with the team. Tomlin said Vince Williams is a Pittsburgh Steeler. He bleeds black and gold. That is a very nice compliment by Tomlin because he knows Williams had better offers with other teams and still decided to stay with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The end of the road is near with many veteran players like Vince Williams so enjoy them while you can because soon they will be riding off into the sunset.


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