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Mike Tomlin appeared to not be happy about Chase Claypool suggesting music at practice

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Chase Claypool had a curious remark on Monday in regards to what could be done to help improve the Steelers’ practice: “We have music in the warm ups and that, so it's fun. People are dancing, having fun. So I think maybe music would make practice more more fun and little more uptempo.”

It was definitely an odd and tone deaf comment by Claypool. And being that the Steelers are winless in their last three games. It was certain that Claypool's statement wouldn't go over well. And that's been the case.

On DVE Morning Show today, Cameron Heyward was asked about Claypool suggesting music at practice, and Heyward was blunt in his response. "I hope he was kidding because as soon as he said it I was literally about to rip the speaker out. That is not what we need right now. It’s X’s & O’s and it’s execution.”

The DVE hosts told Heyward they didn't think Claypool was kidding and Heyward said, "Well then he’s gonna be in shock because there’s not gonna be anything played during practice,”

Former Steelers such as Ramon Foster and Hall of Famer Alan Faneca even shared their heads on Twitter at Claypool's suggestion.

To wrap up Mike Tomlin's press conference today, Mark Kaboly of The Athletic asked Tomlin about Claypool's suggestion of having music at practice, and Tomlin appeared to not be too happy about it. "Claypool plays wideout and I’ll let him do that. I'll formulate the practice approach, and that division of labor is probably appropriate."

If the Steelers were on a winning streak and Claypool mentioned this, no one would have cared. But since the Steelers are 5-5-1 and winless in their last there games, Claypool should have thought out his response better.

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