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Mike Tomlin and Myles Garrett share a moment at midfield on Sunday

(Photo via - Mary Kay Cabot)

Much speculation throughout the media last week was focused on Myles Garrett returning and playing against the Steelers. We got a sense from Tomlin during his Tuesday press conference that it was put in the past on the Steelers end. Myles Garrett also said it was in the past, but he would have to see how the game would play out. Well, Mike Tomlin and Myles Garrett met at midfield prior to the Steelers-Browns game on Sunday. Garrett also hugged several Steelers players before the game. Many speculated what they were talking about, but it didn't come out until after the game. Garrett told their conversation had nothing to do with last year's incident involving Mason Rudolph. His brother, mother, and uncle went to school together in Virginia where Mike Tomlin went to. They were very friendly to each other including a hug after they talked.

“Talking to him had nothing to do with last year,” Garrett said “Him, his brother, my mother, and my uncle all went to school together in Virginia so we were just talking about that. I made a little joke about some phone games they had been playing, and that was it. He said, ‘Good luck, live your life, have fun, and tell your mother I said hello."

There we no issues between the Steelers-Browns game. It was a good clean football game, but a lopsided one as the Steelers destroyed the Browns 38-7. Garrett said after the game whatever happens on the field stays on the field.

“It’s a game to me. With these guys, it was all love and it’s all football, just stays on the field and stays between the whistle,” Garrett said. “There was respect during and after the game. There were no problems and there was no animosity.”

Myles Garrett said their offensive line made it very hard on their defense especially getting after the rush. He did say everyone was courteous to him and there were no issues at all during the game. Both owners of the Steelers and Browns had a phone call last week to make it clear to both teams they will not tolerate on-field retaliation. The players went out there and delivered by playing good clean football.

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