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Mike Logan says Troy Polamalu's spirit 'saved his life' during a dark period

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

During his Hall of Fame speech on Saturday night, Troy Polamalu mentioned Mike Logan, who Polamalu said displayed the Steelers culture to him in his rookie season.

Logan is not a household name when it comes to past Steelers players. He played five seasons in Pittsburgh (2001-2006), predominantly as a backup safety and special teams player, so for Polamalu to name-drop him in his Hall of Fame speech is very telling of just how much of an impact he had on him.

"Mike Logan the starting safety my rookie year shared his full knowledge of the game, wholeheartedly showing a level of humility that helped shape my career," Polamalu said. "Like many other teammates his selflessness, paved the greater opportunity for others at his own expense. It is unnatural, in the most competitive environment to train your replacement. Yet this is our culture, Steelers culture. These are virtues I learned while playing for the Steelers are what make the legacy of the black and gold timeless. They are passed down in the locker room from the Steel Curtain to anyone who validly wears the black and gold. Creating a brotherhood that is deeper than money, business and winning. To be a Steelers is to consider others before you consider yourself. To protect your brother, even from himself. To give support at your own expense, and when wearing the black and gold suit of armor and make sure nobody desecrates it, disrespects it. Most importantly we ourselves don't dishonor. The only approval any Steeler should seek is the early approval from previous legends who have donned the black and gold. And if you've really earned the respect, they'll say, 'You could have played with us.'"

Logan was in awe that Polamalu mentioned him in his Hall of Fame speech, and wrote a lengthy message on Instagram about just how appreciative he was of it.

"What more can I say about Troy Polamalu that hasn’t been said already?" Logan wrote. "Well, there’s plenty more that I could add to the legend of the man. I can write my own book. His influence goes way beyond the field playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s probably covered more people with prayer than he has covered yardage in between the sidelines. Believe me, he’s covered a lot of ground!

"Troy’s spirit has had an everlasting (effect) on my life. It’s that spirit that actually saved my life during a really dark period when I thought I didn’t have any reason to continue living. But that’s a story for another day. This day is about Troy the player and person who is so deserving of this honor. He played the game the way it was supposed to be played. Instinctive, tough, intelligently, and at full speed until the clock hit zeros. He didn’t stop there either. He was always trying to improve himself off the field as well. Whether it was in conditioning, stretching, eating, drinking, or studying, he was always taking care of his temple in which the Lord's spirit dwells. He continually gets better daily. He’s so giving I don’t know when he finds time to replenish. He’s never made anything about himself. Not even while accepting his rightful place amongst the NFL greats.

"To hear my name called out on the stage last night made me realize that although my football career wasn’t Hall of Fame worthy, my bond with Troy is enshrined in our hearts forever. Love ya bro!"

Logan was on 93.7 The Fan on Monday and said it was an emotional moment when Polamalu paid tribute to him.

“Emotional. And I never thought that just a teammate, a friend, a brother, just speaking my name would move me to emotions. However, it did,” Logan said. “It made me reflect. I just thought about the moments that I was able to spend with Troy while playing. It was a very special moment I’ll never forget.

“My son was sitting there with me and I was kind of explaining to him, because he heard my name, and he said, ‘Did he say Logan?’ and I said, ‘Yes, he did’ and he said, ‘Is that your friend?’ and I said, ‘No son, that’s my brother.’”

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