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Mike Hilton is trying to recruit Steven Nelson to the Bengals

(Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

Another former Steeler could be on the move to the Bengals. Mike Hilton Tweeted at Steven Nelson on Twitter after his long list of suitors was revealed. The Bengals are one of those teams who have had talks with Nelson.

Mike Hilton reached out saying this, "let me holla at you about something" on a public Tweet. From what I understand, Nelson did not respond but I'm sure he would be interested in joining a team like the Bengals. They have a bright future with Joe Burrow and their young defense.

The Bengals are definitely looking for another proven corner on their team. Nelson is just that. He's an above-average corner and I'm still upset that the Steelers and he had a messy breakup.

I expect Nelson to make a decision on which team he is wanting to join shortly. I think that he and the Bengals make a lot of sense. However, he could opt to join a true contender like the Buffalo Bills.

I still wish he could come back to Pittsburgh. That's 100% not going to happen. However, It would nice to have another corner on our team with his experience level. He is also only 28 years old and still in his prime. I expect him to sign a 1-year deal with a team and then when the salary cap is back up, he might look to cash in with a big deal elsewhere.

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