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Mike Hilton is not a 'snake.' Some Steelers fans need to realize it's a business.

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

It appears that fans have been trolling former Steelers cornerback Mike Hilton for signing with the Bengals last month in free agency. Hilton said on Twitter today that people were calling him a "snake" and "traitor" for signing with the AFC North foe Bengals but are still following him.

Hilton signed a four-year, $24 million deal with the Bengals in March, and given the Steelers dire cap situation, they were not able to offer Hilton a deal that would have compensated him fairly to stay in Pittsburgh.

Hilton made around $5 million in career earnings prior to signing with Cincinnati, so his new deal is life-changing. It just so happened to be with a rival of the Steelers. Hilton had to do what was best for him and his family and Cincinnati was offering the most money. There's really nothing more to it. The NFL is a business. I think most Steelers fans realize that, but unfortunately, there's a section of the fan base that doesn't.

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