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Mike Hilton has been named AFC Defensive Player of the Week

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Mike Hilton has been playing great all season. He has been a solid defensive player for the Steelers for his entire career and he has stayed (mostly) healthy. Which is all we can ask from the slot corner.

This is a well-deserved recognition for the defensive player who potentially was snubbed out of the Pro-Bowl. I know his position is not typically recognized, however, only Steelers fans up to this point knew how good he was.

So, it's good to see his name getting out there and being listed among some of the best defensive players of the week. Especially, since he is an undrafted-free agent who spent time on two other teams before coming to Pittsburgh. Mike Hilton spent time with the Patriots and Jaguars. However, he was cut by both without seeing play.

His stats on the year have been excellent. On the season so far, he has 50 tackles, 9 assisted tackles, 3 sacks and 3 interceptions. Not bad for an undrafted guy. He has really come into his own in the league and is going to earn himself quite a payday.

It is quite difficult to predict the contract for Hilton. He could garner quite a payday. It seems as if he will have the chance to go anywhere in the league because of his exceptional play and even better character. Mike Hilton has been one of my favorite Steelers and if he goes elsewhere, he will be missed.

Until then, Hilton is looking for a chance at a ring in Pittsburgh as a key cog to this Pittsburgh Steelers defense who has been historic and a big reason for our success currently this season. We won 11 straight mostly due to him and our defenses play, and it is always helpful when you have excellent corners playing for you.

Mike Hilton on the season is making a base salary of $3,259,000 (according to spotrac) which is a huge raise for him based on what he has made in past seasons. This summer however, he will be looking for a bigger payday and it will be well deserved. For all three of his early seasons in the league he was making under $750,000 which is severely underpaid for his performance.

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