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Maurkice Pouncy says he will choose what to put on his Helmet from now on

Pouncey took to Instagram this morning and wanted to clarify that he did not have enough information on Antwon Rose Jr.

Pouncey stated: I was to personally clarify what transpired this past Monday night in regard to having Antwon Rose's name on my helmet. I was given limited information on the situation regarding Antwon, and I was unaware of the whole story surrounding his death and what transpired during the trial following the tragedy. I should have done more research to fully understand what occurred in its entirety. My work with the Police, both in Pittsburgh and back home in Florida, is well documented. I don't always feel the need to highlight what I do with the Police Departments, but I also want to make sure they understand I inadvertently supported a cause of which I did not fully comprehend the entire background of the case. I take responsibility for not doing more investigating into something that is sensitive to the community and his family, but it is a lesson learned as it relates to political issues that occue every day in our society. Moving forward, I will make my own decision about what to wear on the back of my helmet. Make no mistake, I am against racism and I believe the best thing I can do is to continue helping repair relationships between the police and their communities. Systemic racism issues have occurred in our country for too long, and that needs to stop. My focus will continue to be on helping the police in our communities, and I will support making any necessary changes to help those efforts.

Pouncey says he was given limited information in regards to the Antwon Rose Jr case. Moving forward Pouncey says he will choose what he puts on his helmet from here on out.

It was originally reported the Steelers Voted as a team to put Antwon Rose Jr on their helmets, but according to Aditi Kinkhabwala from the NFL Network she was told by multiple Steelers that every player did not in fact vote on either a) all having the same name/tenet on their helmet or b) on highlighting Antwon Rose specifically.

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