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Maurkice Pouncey is making a difference in the community by donating $50,000 dollars to Charities

Every year the Steelers will go out and do good in the Community. This year the Steelers players are lending a hand to the Steelers Social Justice Grant Program. They are currently working with the Urban Impact Foundation to help make sports a safe haven for children. Rev. Dr. Ed Glover is the founder of the Urban Impact Founding that started in the year 2000. The program's focus is to help get summer activities for children in the South Side of Pittsburgh.

This year was an extremely tough year for many due to the Covid-19 Pandemic so the Urban Impact Foundation felt the need to expand their operation into something much more needed this year, food.

Rev. Dr. Ed Glover: "We delivered over 100,000 meals and 30,000 acts of service. That made a tremendous impact on our folks. We continued to run some safe programming, but for only a quarter of the kids. The kids that couldn't come, it impacted them in a negative way."

Not only did the Urban Image Foundation help many people with food they also helped out kids that are falling behind educationally due to Covid-19.

Rev. Dr. Ed Glover: "We started learning labs. We had 75 kids. That helped because kids were falling back educationally. We do day camps after school programs. A lot of the kids, kids in second and third grade didn't even know how to use computers. We made sure they had breakfast and lunch and after school activities until their parents came home. That was really challenging. We had to get laptops, some loaned to us by the schools, others we went out and bought. It was an all-day school program we started."

Maurkice Pouncey has donated $50,000 toward these programs. $20,000 to the Urban Impact Foundation and another $20,000 to the Pittsburgh Public Safety Trust Fund. The last $10,000 will be going to the Best of Batch Foundation. That is an amazing way to help out the community by donating to foundations that are in need right now due to Covid-19.

Maurkice Pouncey: "In the bigger picture this is going to make a change, all of us helping out," said Pouncey. "This social justice program isn't a thing that was just set up just to appease people. It's going to make a difference. That is one of the biggest things when I saw it moving forward that I can really appreciate about it."

Way to go Maurkice Pouncey! #HereWeGo #Steelers

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