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Matt Canada says Najee Harris will have a great rookie season and a great career in the NFL

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Najee Harris has been with the Pittsburgh Steelers for a little over a month now and he is already receiving tremendous praise from his coaches and teammates. Steelers running back coach Eddie Faulkner already had to tell him he was going home because Najee Harris is putting in too much work at the facility. It's only been a month and Harris is already trying to perfect his craft with the Pittsburgh Steelers! That is the news everyone loves to hear and one of the reasons why the Steelers picked him in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft.

Matt Canada recently sat down with the media today for the first time and had some high praise for Najee Harris. He says Najee Harris has a great football IQ and he thinks Harris is going to have a great rookie season. Canada also said Najee Harris is going to have a great career in the NFL going forward.

One of the biggest opportunities Matt Canada sees with Najee Harris is being able to create huge mismatches on the football field. He believes Harris will be a big 'boon' in the running back position. The Steelers can also line him up as a wide receiver too. Which makes Harris a very valuable running back prospect for the Steelers going forward. Harris is capable of running routes just like a wide receiver can.

Art Rooney II has told the Steelers coaches he would like to see the Steelers run the ball more and the offense needs to get more physical. It is unclear if the Steelers will start to become a run-first offense, but one thing is clear Mike Tomlin does love his bell-cow running backs. Canada says it is too soon to know if Harris will be an every-down back with the Steelers. My hope is the Steelers do not hold Najee Harris back at all in 2021 and allow him to establish his dominance on the field from the get-go. That is exactly why you take a first-round running back.

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