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Marshawn Lynch calls Najee Harris a 'Freak of Nature'

It looks like the Pittsburgh Steelers could have finally drafted an elite running back in the 2021 NFL draft. It is about time the Steelers drafted a first-round offensive player too. The last time the Steelers have taken a running back in the first round was in 2008 (Rashard Mendenhall). Everyone wanted Harris to end up in Pittsburgh and it got Art Rooney II concerned that all of the fans were getting too connected to him. The Steelers ended up lucking out when both Miami and New York passed on him which led him to the Steelers. Colbert and Tomlin got target number 1 in the first round.

Marshawn Lynch recently commented on Najee Harris saying he is a 'God Damn Freak of Nature.' He can see Najee putting up numbers in the NFL and he would also love to see him win the Rookie of the Year Award in 2021. Lynch knows how hard Najee Harris has been working through high school, college, and now he is heading into professional football so Marshawn can see all of the accolades for Harris in the future. At the end of the video, Marshawn Lynch says Harris is his son, his big son, his tall son.

Those are some big words coming from a big-time running back in Marshawn Lynch. There are a lot of NFL analysts who feel Najee Harris will become a star in Pittsburgh. That is why Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert decided to draft him right away in the first round of the NFL draft.

Colbert even said it was a real easy decision for the Steelers to make especially when there was very good talent still on the board going into the number 24 pick in the first round. If Harris can stay healthy in Pittsburgh I expect him to flourish in the Steelers system even more than he did at Alabama. Expect Najee Harris to become a superstar with the Steelers in the future. He has a bright future in the City of Pittsburgh!


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